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Originally Posted by yousharenow View Post
I guess I take issue with your assumptions

(1) I have a friend circle of PhD/MD's/JD/Engineers. None went to a private college.
(3) I demand my kids go to CC , THEN to Uni...there's no point in paying all that money for a class you can take for 1/4th the cost. GF went on an athletic scholarship so she doesn't care, my company is paying for it and I still go the cheap route - but If I am paying for it - they will do it the cheap route, go to school, and work. I'm not paying all that money for room/board/tuition/beer when they could of gone down the street for the exact same credit.

Hanging around rich kids doesn't expose you to a "higher level through process" - it exposes you to a more sheltered one.
Obviously going to CC than college is cheaper, nobody is arguing that.

My argument only applies to the top universities, both private and public. If you were comparing some random private liberal arts college vs a good state school, it would be a no-brainer.

Hanging around rich kids doesn't do you any good, but hanging around SMART and MOTIVATED kids certainly shapes you and the others around you. The brightest and most motivated kids tend to go to the best schools. This is why the best universities are the best. It wouldn't matter if they had donkeys for teachers, as long as they kept their admissions criteria.

Originally Posted by Amoeba View Post
By that size office politics become unbearable. Useless ppl get promoted, groups fight for power, cronyism etc. Engineering have less impact, mainly sales at that point.

At a startup we're fighting together like hell to survive. It's a strong bond and our code either win us a critical million dollar deal or put the company in danger of going under. Quite an exciting gamble and it's good that there's a core group of 7 of us that have consistently succeeded in the past. The payoff is quite nice when we do make it.
Sounds like fun! That is what I'd be doing if I hadn't picked my current field

Originally Posted by FadeToblack View Post
good sh*t

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