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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
Define "threat." You are basically saying that you are going to wait for a DIRECT physical confrontation before decided to shoot/grab your gun. That decision is a poor one, and I truly hope you never find out why.
I would not wait for a "DIRECT" confrontation, but I wouldn't provoke one.

For example, someone is downstairs in your house going through your stuff. They start to leave. Do you chase them, run out of the house and shoot them? Or just let them go.

I'm not one for provoking a deadly confrontation.

Many here, are (it seems).
Originally Posted by Jaymalls View Post
dont listen to these fuQ faces... just go to a junk yard and get a used complete left rear end. i cracked my left rear control arm on the highway because i was driving w/o shocks... lol! ***Was too busy caking on these bitches instead of taking care my car!***
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