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Originally Posted by ChrisRedmon View Post
Says the guy who just shoved a $700 lighting setup down some guys throat a few threads back because thats what HE used, the man probably had a loose connection therefore had bulb firing problems. You didn't lone star find BMA parts homie, you may have stumbled across it and informed other fanatics.....

Like i said previously, smart guy. Really shitty superiority complex. More and more threads lately have turned into you arguing and trying to demonstrate your dominance. Which clearly has no leverage most of the time...
Nice try. More of my threads lately? Shows you're new to the forum. I've been like this for years. Nothing but the best advice.

BTW, I was not forcing $700 lighting setup down anyones throat. IIRC, that poster did a half-ass chinese HID conversion (as is on your car, admitted by yourself) which is downright ineffective, dangerous, and illegal. The best thing to do is leave it stock halogen or do a real conversion which costs real money.

Don't insult me just because you (self-admittedly by you) can't afford to properly modify your car.
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