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Originally Posted by ///MPR77 View Post
I'm with Mango.
Preventative Maintenance is definitely a way of life, its addictive, and a pleasure for me.
I get parts at resale, and the parts house gives me a tab that I settle monthly, If this weren't the case it would be much more difficult.

I realize that, not everyone can afford to go through their cars replacing everything, and there is no rule against diagnosing, isolating, and fixing just the problem, but when you have been around these cars long enough, you realize there are certain PM items that are non-negotiable, or that the only negotiation is to be left stranded, or at best waiting for a tow.

My commute is 1 mile round trip, and yet I put roughly 200 miles a week on my car in remote canyons, where cell reception, and civilization is non-existent. That being said I would be an idiot to roll the dice, and wait for problems to surface before fixing.
Does that make me immune from a breakdown? No, however my chances are greatly reduced, and the reward of getting to work on my own car is just a perk.

You can fix it cheap, but it wont be thorough, or You can fix it thorough, but it wont be cheap.

Your uniform is ready.
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