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Originally Posted by Hornung418 View Post
Mango, shut your cock-holster and just PM him about it if it impacts you so much! If you're such a stickler for grammar, then you should have mentioned that chamber is not the same as camber to Flash.

You're not that big of a deal, get over it.

Moving on. Betty, I ordered some vacuum hoses from the dealer ($61.80 worth) to finish the vacuum line conversion. The suction jet pump will be relocated to the engine bay instead of over top the brake booster. This will eliminate the duct tape mod I did to connect the F-connector to the vacuum lines.

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Stinger and I have no beef w/ eachother. We're just having a friendly argument. Go away. I've never really seen or noticed you before so I'll just chalk your comments up as not knowing what goes on around here. We tend to go on tangents. You'll learn!
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