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Originally Posted by ChrisRedmon View Post
Illegal? My lights are just fine they are 5k in projectors. Nothing illegal about them. Nice try though. I cost effectively modify my car. Not because i cant spend 700 dollars on some light bulbs....but because its moronic. If you have money to waste. Sure! But as far as im concerned you are some internet nazi with a run of the mill base model 10 year old BMW. Congrats, you do indeed give good advice. But the moment anyone goes against the grain of your advice you get butt hurt. Grow up man.
Apparently, you've never heard of the Department of Transportation.

Your $20 DDM HID KIT CONVERSION whatever the heck you did is cheap, dangerous, stupid, all of the above. You are trying to force your bad and cheap habits on people.

It's not about being hurt or going against my advice, it's about people (like you) giving false, fraudulent, or dangerous information.

Not happening. I'll catch it.

Stay stock halogen or go full proper OE quality HID.



when it comes to lighting, especially.

Enjoy your $20 special
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