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Originally Posted by Breezy View Post
keep it low key and informal, nothing too fancy..
Yeah, I was thinking that actually also.

Originally Posted by 217Bimmer View Post
what do you do for a living? you are going to be one broke ass mutherfvcker!
I am a Financial Representative, but yes I just might be. But the way I see it (In my financial mind), this is like an investment to more opportunities / connections possibly with her family, etc. Haha!

Originally Posted by ghorn View Post
Do you really want to take her to THE nicest place on your first date? Gotta give yourself room to grow If you know what she likes to eat, take her to the best place that serves whatever it is she likes.
This is true. Maybe not, but I do want to make a good 1st impression.
"Aerodynamics are for people who cannot build engines..."
- Enzo Ferrari

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