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Originally Posted by KamPow3r View Post
So I am taking a gorgeous new girl I met out for dinner tomorrow night and I really want to make sure our 1st night is really special. I was thinking about doing something with a really nice view in downtown Los Angeles on a high rise or something.

Any of you guys have any recommendations for really nice restaurants in the area? Nice views and all! I have to impress this girl! Her family being very wealthy also is a reason why I need everything to go perfect. I need to get on the good side of her father also, owns a 2 Ferrari's, R8, Rolce, Maybach, and whatever else I don't know about.

I will try my best post pics of girl for proof tomorrow night if everything goes well and only if I can make it seem as if I am not literally taking a picture of her. lol.
Originally Posted by Breezy View Post
keep it low key and informal, nothing too fancy..
Originally Posted by KamPow3r View Post
Yeah, I was thinking that actually also.

I am a Financial Representative, but yes I just might be. But the way I see it (In my financial mind), this is like an investment to more opportunities / connections possibly with her family, etc. Haha!

This is true. Maybe not, but I do want to make a good 1st impression.
oh i can't wait to hear about how this one crashed and burned

btw where do you normally take girls out to on a first date?

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