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Originally Posted by dreamdrivedrift View Post
THIS. It's a first date. You ALREADY got her attention.

If she requires/needs it to be fancy - she's the wrong girl for you
We met through a friend and she is definitely interested, txting, talking, etc. I don't think she really is that type of girl but like I said I want to make a good first impression and take her to a nice place. I am looking at the bigger picture here, if things go well of course. Then we can look back at nice memories when we first dated. (Yes, I sound h0m0 right now, but I am not!) Haha.

Originally Posted by BreakMyWallet View Post
theres really too many to name. geisha house, ketchup, any place like that will have a status symbol, regardless if theyre good. theyre both pretty good imo. you can try "city club on bunker hill" its exactly what you mentioned with the LA view. it might be members only though
I was looking at City Club! That place looks awesome but it says memebers only. I did find a way to make a resveration through opentable.com though.

Originally Posted by XKxRome0ox View Post
oh i can't wait to hear about how this one crashed and burned

btw where do you normally take girls out to on a first date?
I won't crash and burn. I am pretty good when it comes to having conversation and just having a good time in general. So don't worry about that. Normally, its just a standard restaurant or small event but this girl seems special so I want it to be something to look back at for our first time out together.
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