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Originally Posted by M3Nick View Post
Nice job Flash.

I was reading the thread and all the parts bought, like the lift and other equipment. That plus the cost of the car parts, maybe I missed it but how much did this whole project cost you? Over $10K ?
this project can be completed cheaply. the cost would just be for a used M54B30 engine. The engine goes around $2000-3600 depending on where you buy them. If you search long enough you will find a great deal and get free shipping too.

Everything else is plug and play. Just swap all your subcomponents from your old engine and plug it directly to your new engine.

I don't know how much this project cost but I know we deviated from the original plan. For example, my husband bought the used 2002 325i and of couse I bought the lift.

All the new sensors, gaskets and fluid add up also.

The goal for this project wasn't to get extra HP/TQ for cheap. I just wanted the "challenge" of swapping out an engine and the curiousity of running the engine on MS42 and reusing the Shark Injector.

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