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Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
1) How are you certain it's your original fuel pump. What confirmation do you have? Are you the original owner or have you confirmed the date stamp on your fuel pump? Highly doubt it.

I have complete history and all maintenance records of the vehicle.
Let me assure you, its the original fuel pump, and its currently still going strong.

2) Assuming 1 is true, what does "going strong" mean, exactly? Everything is going strong until it leaves you stranded. Have you verified that fuel volume and pressure is up to spec?

Its completing its task. Good enough for me.

3) Assuming 2 is also true, I wouldn't be bragging about being on an original fuel pump. Unless you own your own towing company and/or live at home with your parents, I would make changing your fuel pump at this point a priority in your E46 ownership given the threads/reports of failures we get on a daily basis here.

Nope, fuel pump will get replaced if it fails, just like any other part.

Originally Posted by Stinger9 View Post
The truth will set you free.
What address shall I mail the envelope to?

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