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Originally Posted by trippinbillies4 View Post
Don't become a salesperson. I just said I've never had major issues with even my HP laptops within the time frame that I wouldn't want to replace them anyways. By the time they've failed, I've been ready for an upgrade. To me, that's completely acceptable. Hell, my first Compaq had a monitor cable issue, fixed that myself and gave it to my mom. Next HP was bullet-proof and bought a new one after 6 years, gave the old one to my now ex-gf, and it's still going strong as far as I know. My last HP laptop had a monitor cable issue too and I was the one that messed it up trying to fix it.

So, telling me spending $3k on a laptop because it's still working great for you three years later sounds insane to me, especially when I'd have to learn a new OS.
As I previously stated, I interface with my Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod and MacBook Pro) on a daily basis. I am more than happy to pay what Apple charges for these devices. In fact, I like them so much, I can safely say I would be just as happy paying double. The devices are just that good. I would never consider investing in a device I use daily to be foolish.

The hardware debate is also another tired argument in regards to Mac vs. PC discussion. Does Apple charge more for the same hardware as it's PC counterparts? Yes, but think about what you're getting. The anodized aluminum unibody design is just the start. There are numerous physical and intangible aspects of owning a Mac that justify the premium in price. Not to mention, it is all tied together with the most intuitive and advanced OS available. Lastly, it interfaces with the rest of the Apple ecosystem seamlessly. The point I am trying to make here is that you cannot quantify the value of an Apple computer by it's dollar value or asking price. MacBooks, just like all other Apple products are better judged on the sum of all these parts working together to form the device.

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