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Originally Posted by HBizzo88 View Post
2002 330ci

So I don't know what to do. Maybe one of you have ran in to this problem. Car started running rough as all hell, yellow brake light came on along with the dcs light and check engine. So hooked up my peak tool and came up with a couple codes that are common when the crankshaft position sensor fails. So I changed that out, Car ran perfect.

Now after a couple weeks of driving, the lights are BACK on and is running rough, I assume because the timing is off due to the sensor.

I do not want to keep changing these things out. It's somewhat of a bi*ch. I just want to know what's causing the sensors to burn up.

The car does have an aftermarket turbo, and yea I do tend to get on it quite a bit.

Would just like to you guy's advise before i go to the garage and have to spend a heap of cash.

What ecu/software are you using for your car?
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