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Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
I woke up when they were fleeing. Had I shot them it would've been in the back, which I'm pretty sure is not legal. afaik they have to be threatening bodily harm, which they weren't.

Also robbers are usually there to take things, such as property, hence the term "robber".

It's interesting that you are all so devoid of empathy and yet I'm the one who's been in the situation, while the majority of you just made up some story to tell the forum about "a guy you know who blew dudes brains out"

I'm pretty sure most robbers don't return, I dunno where you guys got that shiiit.

I'm not against being armed, and sure I would shoot if my family was threatened. Teenage robbers running in the other direction isn't a threat on anyones life though. Period.
Yes, because Robbers don't kill, carry guns or knifes at all...

Oh yea, and you remember about that story I told you about the robber returning

You are so narrow minded it's sad. I pray for your family.

Originally Posted by SLVR JDM View Post
After a recent conversation with a prosecuting attorney, I would also advise that in your 911 conversation to get police involved that you also request an ambulance for the intruder if you've already engaged with a firearm and stopped the threat.
I was told the same thing. He told us to call and basically say:

911: What is your emergency?
X: I live at XXXX, someone just broke into my house and I shot him. Please send an ambulance as soon as you can.

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