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Originally Posted by tock172 View Post
1. Battery - Rated for over 1,000 cycles, the batteries found in MacBooks are truly a thing of wonder to me. My current battery is close to 400 cycles and still retains over 90% of it's original charge life.
Only 400 in over two years?! Do you ever move?

Mine is at 948 cycles in the same time period. 85% Health by the way.

The Macbook line is the best built computer lineup available right now. The trackpad and keyboard are second to none. That's why Apple laptops have recently garnered the respect of historically PC-centric publications, despite their comparatively higher asking prices.
Originally Posted by Jaymalls View Post
dont listen to these fuQ faces... just go to a junk yard and get a used complete left rear end. i cracked my left rear control arm on the highway because i was driving w/o shocks... lol! ***Was too busy caking on these bitches instead of taking care my car!***
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