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Originally Posted by NJFF26 View Post
The same can be said for any buisness from lawyers to doctors to car dealers. That dealership probably has a crazy overhead expense. You are paying more because like the op stated he does not have the time place tools or know how to do the repairs himself. You are also paying oem prices. Most people wouldn't even know how to look up replacment parts for their car, let alone know how to tell if the ones on their car are bad. This is why they pay a premium for repairs. There are other things to factor in on why the price is so high.
Well made point

Vitalik thats great that you can do the repairs yourself. And yes there are lots of DIYs on this fourms and others and on youtube ETC. But his quote on rear brakes was $700 or so including Rotors. On TWS they offer oem brakes rear rotors and pads for $380usd.+tax.. and ur looking at a minimum of 2 hours labour.. so say the shop is at least $100/hr thats another now ur at 580. Plus Shop supplies, brake fluid etc. i can see 700 for rear brakes.

like i said before. if a shop gives you a list of repairs make sure you ask for specs, and if they can show you the vehicle if its still on the hoist or take pictures so that they can back them selves up. Or get another indy shop to take a look
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