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Originally Posted by TitaniumCranium View Post
Besides diameters, it also has to do with turning radius and how the rear wheels/tires follow the front through the turn, which was all taken into consideration from an engineering perspective when the transfer case was designed and matched to the drive train. A staggered setup could impact this; how much I don't know.

The rear wheels are 12.7mm / 2 - 3mm wider than than the fronts, or 3.7mm (on each side from the centerline of the differential to the outside of the wheel). I'm pretty sure this is a negligable difference but I'm not the engineer that designed it.

Yeah, I would agree that it would be engineered to a certain spec and that that might cause additional stress on the transfer case. Like you said, hard to say how much? I now own the wheels... we'll see. I might risk it, might not. If I do I will proceed with tire sizes like I stated in my post above.
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