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Originally Posted by [SeN] View Post
Hi & Welcome...
The car you linked is pretty clean, same year and kms as my car. I can't comment on price as I haven't been looking around but its silver and SMG which means that there will be another one around the corner for sale.

If you like this particular one then take it to BM Autowerks, Worx or Southern BM and get a Pre Purchase Inspection done. They all know the common faults/issues with these cars.

Some common faults are Subframe cracks, Vanos issues, cooling issues etc.
Being close to 80k kms, its probably due for an Inspection II service if its not done yet. If u r handy with tools then u can save some coin as lots of the jobs are DIY.
Originally Posted by ating View Post
^ Yup. Also make sure the conrod bearings were replaced as I believe there was a recall done to 2001/2002 models.
Thanks guys for the advice.. It's so hard to find a manual, only came across one now, don't like the colour though.
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