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Originally Posted by sea6speed View Post
Yeah, all from premium neighborhoods I bet. Yes, it can happen anywhere but the moon, however the risk probability is FAR different depending on the location.

This thread is a bunch of people justifying living in high crime areas based on the fact that no place is completely crime free.

There is a difference. I've lived in places where burglary happens every few days, where anything not locked down will disappear in under a week, where someone gets shot within 15 blocks several times a year. Living there is a choice, and there are plenty of places where people don't live like that.
Nah, wow, you just don't get it.

You're a noob unless you sleep with an AR-15 under your pillow.

Two if you're really safe.

And you better have a slew of IEDs planted in your yard.

Never know.

Originally Posted by yousharenow View Post
Get out and walk. Meet people.

It will change your life!
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