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Very interesting, especially after my friend spent an hour on the phone singing the praises of BMWs and talking me into buying mine! But in his defense, he's owned his 2001 325i since he ordered it custom, and has over 200k on it with zero issues!! He'd NEVER heard of the "No Reverse" issue, despite being an avid reader of a bimmer Magazine. Anyway, I returned the "as is" car and the mechanic graciously gave me back my $$. Funny thing: since then I spent a long time searching for another bimmer. I decided on a 530i in MINT condition, with 80k on it. I research the car. I learned that the "No Reverse" was limited to the 3 series, mostly from 199-2000, with a few 2001s. BUT I learned that the 5 series has had a different issue, the "Oil Press" issue, involving either the sensor or another component of the oil pressure situation. AAAGH! Feeling good about the car, I purchased it TODAY, despite my wife's serious reservation now. Seriously, on the way home from my purchase, at the very first traffic light, my oil light started flickering. DOLT! A minute later, "BEEP!" and then the caption "OIL PRESS>>>STOP IMMEDIATELY. Talk about my heart sinking. BUT HEY, THE REVERSE WORKS!!! Now I have to review the Oil Press issue. Ugh! Why do we bother with the bummers?? I truly is a love-hate relationship.
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