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Seeking opinions on wheel purchase plan

May be dumb to post this to some, but i can never sleep, so here goes nuffin lol.

So, i want a new set of wheels, and its a part of a much bigger planned "mod weekend" where from a year from now i plan to have the entire car completely transformed, but im not sure how to go about the wheel aspect. Lets put you in my shoes. As far as expendable wheel money goes, if i save up for an entire year from now i can afford them. Should i:
A). Buy them one at a time, to keep me on track, and where it wont feel like such a huge amount of money going to one mod (lol)
B). Try to save up the entire sum and risk getting distracted with a different, less droolworthy mod.
Basically, which do you personally feel is smarter.
This may be confusing but i dont make alot and the set im looking at is a good 4 grand which is quite the investment for someone like me haha, so its not like im savin up for some damn rota's lmao. Just seeking out thoughts and opinions. Hope i make sense? lol.
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