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We have plenty of very satisfied customers, for years now, especially on this forum. We have a few notices about the phone situation on our website, as well as a few posts discussing that we are actively trying to figure out a way to get enough money coming in to comfortably pay someone to be staffed on the phones. Right now we would probably only be able to have one hour or two hours a day, at most, of being able to take inbound calls and reply to voicemails. To me that's not enough time to do it right, we would barely be able to call back the voicemails from the day before, and then have to pull that person off the phones to tend to existing orders and emails. Why get a phone if we know that it won't work out at all for the customers? That's our thought on it at the moment.

We are catching up on a lot of things as we had a bunch of horribly timed issues arrise with our staff and business operations. If you don't mind, post up your order number and I'll be sure that your order is promptly refunded, unless you don't mind waiting another 24 or so hours where we can get through the emails and catch up to your issues.

Sorry for the delay and lack of proper service, you expected better and I sincerely apologize that we let you down entirely.

I will keep this thread open in a tab and come back to make sure we got your issue resolved once we get through the emails, right now we are working on shipping until we are caught up, and any order not held for more info or for a change will go out, and then we will go through all of our inbox to make sure everything gets handled properly, as it should have, if no delay had arisen.
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