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Jesus, can we stop with the headlight discussion!!!

One last thing to shut off the headlight issues.

Xenon/headlight 101

1. Xenon's in anything but projector lens are not the thing to do. All OEM Xenon's are in projector lens as they have the sheet metal shield in the bottom (that's right, the bottom of the projectors, do your optic & lens research) and this metal shield is what controls the upper level light cut off. This metal shield that controls the upper level light cut off is important in order to no create glare and blind oncoming drivers. The projector lens with the metal shield and active leveling is what is integrated to protect other drivers on the road.

2. Vehicles with Xenon's have headlight leveling control or suspension leveling control. This was government mandated and most manufacturers went with headlight leveling as it was likely cheaper and more accurate than suspension leveling control.

3. Some vehicles actually have active Xenon's that steer with the car. This is done by additional stepper motors and it ties into the steering angle sensor.

4. Xenon's in fog just usually do not work. Most fogs are not projectors and may not have the sheet metal shield. Most fogs are more like flood lights and should not be run in town or while other traffic is around, especially if they are converted to Xenon.

5. Xenon retrofits cannot properly match the bulb to the optics, so many times the light pattern cannot be controlled properly.

6. This being said, some situations Xenon retrofits can work, but they need to be well thought out.

7. Anything higher than 6k bulb temp is foolish. Usually 6k at 55 Watt or 5k at 35 Watt is a good way to go.

Change your fuel filter at 30k miles!

ChrisRedmon, do us all a favor and no more comments on headlights.
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