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Good gawd, the bad advice in this thread rivals the "What TV should I buy" threads. I'm no coffee enthusiast but enjoy a good cup of coffee none-the-less. Look, fellas... there are some basics that are told here that some of you just seem to be fighting. You mofos are arguing about 1 week coffee vs 2 week coffee. Here is what you should take away from this thread; I'm going to save you the time...

- get whole beans instead of ground coffee.
- get a good burr grinder (I have the bodum one but I hear the Capresso one is good too)
- just get about one or two weeks worth.
- find a local coffee roaster or at least try and find different coffees until you find one you love.
- find the way you like to make the coffee... machine? french press? pour over? expresso?
- a good cup of coffee needs very little cream or sugar, if any.

Personally, I'm still looking for good coffee and have just started to investigate the local roasters in my area. I have liked Peet's coffee (the major Dickinson Blend and also the Sumatra... the Columbian is also good).
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