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Originally Posted by trj View Post
Great, thanks man. I wish I had access to the lift, that would make things so much simpler. I am going to try dremel the head off the bolt or else, just cut the DISA itself if dremel doesnt work and get a new DISA valve.

PS: I applied for army, but had to decline the MOS's they offered me on the enlistment day. Not being a citizen, I didnt get anything that requires security clearance despite having a degree and offered E4 with ASVAB score enough to get any job I wanted. I was looking for computer programming and database MOS's. Every job related to IT requires clearance, even connecting cables
I wish I could be in the US military with a job I am qualified for(education and experience wise).
What part of the DISA bolt is stripped? Is it the actual hex head, or the threads? If its the head, they sell tools to remove it. The hard part is the close working space. Good luck getting it out and try not to damage the DISA or Manifold!
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