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OK, let's move away from the brand discussion and start talking about components.

Knowing that Photoshop speed is a big concern, and I'd like the computer to be able to do longer videos composed of lots of shorter clips...

Would I notice the difference going from the i7 3610 to the 3820? What all does the extra 2mb of cache do for me?

Also, how much of a difference would the K2000 gpu make over the k1000? I know Vegas Pro 11 can take advantage of it. Making a half hour long video and processing it, are we talking a minute or two difference in rendering speed? 20 minutes? 30 seconds?

What about memory? My guess is it's probably best to order a computer with the standard 8gb and upgrade it myself through newegg for cheaper? Would I notice a big difference from 8 to 16gb? What about 32?

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