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Originally Posted by ChrisRedmon View Post
"You bought such a nice car, M3."

You mirin' bro?

One day you will realize. That the headlights that are in my car. Should not hurt your butt.
Don't flatter yourself. Was talking about BMWs in general as nice cars, especially M3s (again, in general)

People spend X amount on a car and insist on installing crap.

Oh and BTW, the chinese/ddm/khoalty/generic HID bulbs causing excess heat/ultraviolet light ISN'T ONLY TO DO WITH YOUR LENSES. What about your PROJECTION BOWLS FOR ONCE? What are you going to do? Replace your bowls? You need some SERIOUS schooling on headlight assemblies and lighting in general. It's an EXTREMELY COMPLICATED AND DEEP SUBJECT. It's not just LOOK BRO LITEZ
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