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Originally Posted by Hockeyman17 View Post
I'm a zombie nut but I can't get a good game with other mics in. I've turned on the power but end up running around lost until about round 12 when we get split up and killed. What do you do after power?
Add me (and anyone else that likes zombies do so as well) My usertag is Georgetown_hoya

We've made it to level 16 and pretty much have a rule that to play in our group you have to have a mic... it's just impossible without them.

A few things we accomplished :

- Bus depot : Build turbine
- Diner : Accessed garage and back corner garage via turbine and built the zombie shields, mystery box
- Farm : Accessed barn, farm house, mystery box.
- Power station : Reached lower level, turned on power, made our way up to the destroyed building, built the electric trap
- Town : Made it here but usually die

Bus : have added the grill, inside ladder (to access roof from inside the bus), and the side rear ladder (access roof of bus from outside)

Things we've learned :
- We can access the roof of the diner but are unsure how to at the moment. There is an area in the rear of the diner (side opposite the garage) where you can add a part.. that may be where you get to it from but not sure. Still trying to learn the town layout. Mystery boxes are available and perks are around but haven't gotten into the value yet (nor sure what to do when in it).

We're building up some basic strategies but are still learning and researching online. Seems like you want 2 turbines, 1 zombie shield, and 1 zombie electric trap. So much more to do though.. we're still virgins to the perks-colas, turrets, and other stuff.

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