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Took a week off the gym, and rested a lot ... didn't eat the greatest but I haven't noticed any fat gain.

I've decided I am going to cut to around 11-12%... a range I figure where I will have lost majority of fat around my upper abs, and not have a little fat "pouch" anymore on stomach. I'm hoping this takes me 10 weeks or less.

I'm very aware of the fact I need to bulk, but I have this constant mental hinderance that I am getting fat, and I need to have a "setpoint" where I can tell when the fat starts adding up to too much. I'm in this for the longhaul, so I feel a 10-12 week cut won't set me back much. See how it goes, I'm going to be tracking calories and sticking to the intermittent fasting regime. Doing reverse pyramid training (squats/deads/bench) and bodyweight exercises 3x a week.

In other news, my bench plateau seems to be gone after a week long rest... I did 4 warmup sets yesterday, and then got 8 solid reps of 160 lbs... Most I could do before was struggling to get 5. New PR 1rm for 200 lbs.

Taking pics every two weeks btw, I'll collage them together. Interested to see what happens
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