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Originally Posted by PrecisionX View Post
That's not rice and I guarantee a that EVO IX with bolt ons would make your M it's bitch on and off the track.
Evos and STis understeer like pigs. AWD for the loss.

If you want to even consider having an Evo keep up with an M3 on the turns, you're going to need a badass suspension set up.

However, when it comes to modding, 276hp stock, give it an exhaust, intake and tune and it's pushing more hp than an e46 M3. They're very quick cars in the straight line. The Evo MR's transmission is it's downfall. If you want to pull power (400+hp) you're going to need a much better transmission, they may as well be built out of glass stock.

With that said, they still have 13g tanks, and gas mileage which is worse than that of my 6 cylinder BMW.

What's worth it more? Buy a $20,000 Evo 9 that's been decently maintained (but of course, really beat on), invest about $3,000 worth of performance parts to get you to ~400hp, and end up with a 4-cyl Japanese car with cheap build quality......

Or buying a ~$22,000 E46 M3, roughly the same mileage, not nearly as many problems (plus you don't have to worry about that awful timing belt) and a very quality build, especially interior wise.

Of course when it comes down to it, most of it is preference. Neither car depreciates very quickly, both are highly respected in any racing category, both are extremely good looking cars and both are fun.

Also, something else to keep in mind would be community. The Evo community is very different from the BMW or the M communities.

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