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Originally Posted by E46@46 View Post
My car had 157k miles on the clock and gave no "signs" of needed a new radiator. The temp gauge always stayed in the middle. I found the hidden OBC menu that shows the actual temp (in F) and discovered I was running higher than should be, but not enough to overheat. So I replaced as a PM as Mango and suggest. I could not believe what a difference it made running back at "normal" temp made. You can tell the engine is working better, more power than before especially at freeway speeds. You didn't say how many miles but I would replace along with the other parts recommended in this guide.
p.s. my radiator was not leaking but was caked in dirt. I can only image the internals.
Yes, sir! My friend's 95 M3 has a date-stamped 2008 radiatior and because the coolant wasn't replaced properly, it had developed massive amounts of deposits that clogged the radiator. We flushed it out as best we could, but still not as good as replacing it. It seems to be working fine.
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