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Lol, thanks for the words of encouragement.

Well, the only way I can get part of the bushing in (yes, even when clamped) is from the outside. But then fitting the MIS tool on the inside, without being able to lower the arm more and having minimal space to maneuver on the ground with jacks and performing this solo makes it highly improbable. It would no doubt be much simpler to put the bushing in from the inside and then pulling it from there, but it doesn't go in, not even a small fraction.

Nonetheless, I tried putting the bushing on the inside (even without a portion of it being in the trailing arm) and placing the bigger block behind it then pulling it in using the MIS tool. Didn't really work out, probably because since a portion of the bushing wasn't in the arm so it couldn't really be directed in.

As a last resort, I've called back up. My parents' friend whose a mechanic will be coming to my rescue sometime Sat or Sun. He's the one who changed my clutch (R.i.p. to that clutch) so I feel confident he can be of assistance. I'm not entirely sure if he's familiar with bushings, but hopefully he can help. Whenever he does come, I'll make sure to WD 40 the ish out of the arm and bushing before trying to put it in. Until then I'll be driving this soccer mom van to school, besides I hear girls like guys who have a familial sense .

If all else fails, let's hope it doesn't get to that, but if all else does fail it will be going the shop. Will harm be done if the car is drive to shop with one of the rear trailing arms missing a bushing?

I'll most likely report back this weekend, maybe later but let's hope not, with whether I got it done or took it to the shop.

But really, in all seriousness, I sincerely appreciate all the help and support you guys have given and continue to give me without getting annoyed or giving up on me. Thank you bros!!
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