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I will always have at least one manual car in the stable. I will say an auto is nice to have if you want to sit back and drink your latte, smoke a cigarette in a smokeless car (like adding an ashtray makes you want to smoke), and read/send text messages. There is no doubt the performance auto can shift way faster, but who cares. In any performance car by the time you need to shift your already going fast enough to get a speeding ticket. I believe they are cheaper to own though. If you disagree ask the SMG owners who had to buy a pump.

Adv of Clutch
1. Cheaper to Maint
2. Can pop the clutch if starter doesn't work or dead battery
3. Keeps me involved
4. Feels great minus rush hour/wreck on highway
5. Usually cheaper
6. Extra security - thief may not be able to drive stick

Adv of Auto
1. Any moron can drive the car
2. Great for rush hour
3. Forget I am even driving...
4. Good for Luxury cars, Trucks, and SUV's - unless it's a Dodge
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