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My Ride: 2000 328Ci

I now have the same noise. I was replacing the OFHG and the vanos oil line last weekend, and I guess I was tired because I made two stupid mistakes. First, I mis-routed the inner belt over the top pulley (roller?) instead of under it, then I didn't clip the upper radiator hose back to the water pump tightly enough. So on my way to work, suddenly the heat went cold and I had steam/smoke everywhere, as the host popped loose and sprayed coolant all over the engine compartment. I snapped the hose on correctly and added coolant (didn't bleed the system), but then was running way hot on the way home (I had to coast with the motor shut down a good portion of the way home to keep it out of the red.

Anyway, that's when I realized I had the belt on incorrectly, so I popped the cap back off the tensioner and loosened the belt enough to rout it properly.

I'm still showing a low coolant light (have not added any again since running hot yesterday - and have not driven it), but I have this crazy rattle that sounds like it is coming from the belts.

Oh - and I still have no heat and I've come to see that the electric fan is not working either.

So my question is - could the above scenario have damaged the water pump? (I did the entire coolant system overhaul less than 2 yrs./15,000 miles ago - it's a 2000 328Ci with 132K on her), so I would not expect the WP to have dies of natural causes. I also did the vanos seals a few months back and it's been running great since, so I don't know that the vanos would be the culprit.

The rattle I have is much like that of the OP, but it also squeals a bit when I rev it - which makes me think it might be the tensioner. Anything else that might be causing it?
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