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In the end , I will go with what I like, but I would like some opinions as well.

Really the toss up for me is do I go for used OEMs that are nearly impossible to find "curb rash" free or for similar money do I buy new replicas.

Looks wise I think some of the replicas look great, more aggressive offsets available and they are new! However I think they hold absolutely no resale value, so its money thrown away. OEMs kept clean will always have some value on the used market, at least I would like to believe that.

Either way, I have all winter to ponder and look. If I can get a smoking deal on some OEMs I will do that, otherwise new replicas before winter is over.

For the replicas I am torn between these budget E9x M3 replicas or the Sportline CS.16 at twice the price! CS.16 are nice and light, so that's a huge plus.

Maybe in the end I'll just keep my M68s and buy new rubber for those.

I usually wrestle with decisions like this. I hate buying things twice and don't want to regret buying new replicas.

Good news is my M3 Steering wheel is on its way. That was easy decision to buy.
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