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My Ride: 2003 E46 330CI Conv.
VIN NUMBER: WBABS53463EV90482 - Built december 02, 03 production date

Appreciate your help, if you could validate this mango that 03 and 04 engine are MS45, the 02 sensors are definitely different if that says anything.

The only reason why I didn't use the old harness is because the new one was already attached and all of the sensors were aswell. We then threw the engine in without completely validating the wiring would match up(learning experience/some of the o2 sensors were cut so I realize this till after taking the top cover off).

So where do I stand? What are my options?
1.) If I throw the old harness back on will everything be fine with the corresponding mismatches? As you stated shanneba? Or will I be blowing a ton of codes/running rough?

What does the connection in the picture I posted do? I can't figure this out, which would probably help my decision.

If I use the current harness(04) do I have to flash the ECU/buy a new one?

What is my best bet right now.

Thank you guys for posting
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