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Originally Posted by alphawhiskey View Post
I would usually call BS, but Apple did surprise us with the iPad 4 early--and there have been manufacturing issues with the iphone 5. Since there is no way Apple is going to admit changes to the anodizing process/fixing the chipping/scuffing issues, they may just release the 5S early (which is going to be the 5 with a few minor changes and the scuffing improved). Possible changes I can see: LTE/Voice simultaneously, improved scuff resistance, and possibly faster chips if that is in the roadmap.

But that's all just speculation on my part. Who really knows.
Ya I could care less about that. What I read online they are releasing it early to compete with the new Nexus and S4

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^ LMAO 5S , you guys are toooooooo jokes
What's so funny?
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