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Originally Posted by Raymond42262 View Post
I thought that used water. I was thinking about putting a turbine at the bottom of a very deep hole and just using the heat from the Earth to turn the turbine.

Generally, when I think of geothermal I think of running pvc under the ground about 10 feet deep with water and antifreeze through it and circulating through a heat pump.

I know Iceland generates a tremendous amount of their energy with geothermal but they is obviously done on a large industrial scale.

I was thinking of something of a smaller scale for independent home use, the same way people put wind turbines and small hydro projects in their yards.
You can totally get this for your house depending on if you are close enough to a hot spot to be economically feasible. There are a lot of people installing this sort of thing in their homes now.

The turbine isn't lowered into the earth, it remains on the surface. The water is pumped down, heated, and forced back up as steam to turn the turbine to make electricity. Iceland does this on a large scale because they are essentially sitting on a very thin part of the Earth's crust and have easy access to the hot spot below.
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