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Originally Posted by peytonracer4 View Post
i HIGHLY doubt that they will release the 5s in Q1. if you follow apple over the past 10 or so years you'll notice that they really don't give a crap about competitions release dates. they tend to release things in pattern, everytime. given a few exceptions.
if they release the 5s i will be really really surprised.
They do now. It may or may not be Q1, but i doubt they wait until September for another iphone, or ipad mini either for that matter. It's too much time to give the competition free reign, especially now that A) Windows phone 8 has come in to play, and B) the line between the polish of iOS and Android has blurred to the point of basically disappearing.

I'd guess June or so. Things have changed. In 08-09, competition was scrambling just to be decent. Not the case any more.

Anyways, being that it will probably be a 5S rather than a 6 means that it will be only a minor upgrade, not an earth shattering departure from the 5. Like Alpha said, simultaneous voice/data on Verizon, quad core, better coating. Maybe NFC? Just some spec bumps.
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