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Originally Posted by Junaid View Post
Ya I could care less about that. What I read online they are releasing it early to compete with the new Nexus and S4
The 5 has no catching up to do next to the Nexus 4. Different strokes- but I very much doubt the Nexus 4 or any other specific phone that matter would be the reason it's released early.

Originally Posted by jeffro3000 View Post
They do now. It may or may not be Q1, but i doubt they wait until September for another iphone, or ipad mini either for that matter. It's too much time to give the competition free reign, especially now that A) Windows phone 8 has come in to play, and B) the line between the polish of iOS and Android has blurred to the point of basically disappearing.
I don't think they'd release it and cut into the 5's product cycle unless it was a big deal. And Android is not up to the polish of iOS, but it has caught up in enough other ways as to make Apple nervous.

The iPad Mini is already and will continue to crap on Android tablets from a sales perspective.

If they release a new iPhone early, it'll be something big that we didn't see coming. Offensive not defensive.

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