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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
Ok but how much do you want to bet as soon as you put a new VCG on there it won't last long. VCGs leak but don't blow out under normal circumstances. You need to check the crank case hose which originally went to the OEM separator. If its kinked or seeing boost it will blow out your gasket. Not something to overlook.

With almost any SC system, servicing things get much more complicated. You can run some hoses to the pass side and relocate your pump but it should be fine where it is.

Honestly, I could give two sh1ts if you wanna mess with trippinbimmer but I'm going to put you on the spot. If you hate every FI company, fine. We all know that by now. No need to keep polluting every thread.


You are a little b1tch on xixixixixixixixi's nuts. Should be more like xoxoxoxoxoxo with xixixixixixi. If you want better directions, tell the company you won't buy their kit unless you get some.
Cant stop laughing at last part

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