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Vanos & p1519 code

I replaced my head gasket and meticulously reassembled things the way I disassembled, however it is seeming that the Vanos was off a "tooth" when I torn it down to R&R the head. I had failure codes concerning the o2 sensors, fuel trim, etc. I believe much of this was due to coolant getting on o2's and the compression loss due to a cracked head. After reassembly it still did not run correctly which I thought was caused be a faulty Cyclone valve. So I changed my PCV system to a breather by plugging the valve cover and dipstick oil return and adding a breather hose running into the air intake box. The car got improved mileage (~33 fwy / 27hwy) and ran well, but the check engine light was forever glowing. I replaced the MAF, however it's parameters seemed to need the PCV system opened up. So I drove it with the old MAF and PCV corked for ~ a year. I could clear the Check Engine light and it would be back after one driving cycle. So last w/e I was working a charging system issue and decided to set back to stock with the new MAF cause I need to smog her this year in Jan, well she running crappy and showing the p1519 and fuel trim (p0170 I believe). So I am going to R&R the Vanos being careful to install it correctly. I do have a question (after all that) . . . Should the fasteners and bellville washer put so much tension on the exhaust gear/cam that its capability to clock/advance seem unlikely? Thoughts? Recommendations? Thanks for reading!!!
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