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Originally Posted by Zell View Post
This statement is beyond absurd.

You know how many cars are on the road with over 150k miles are still on their original cooling system? If that were the case, my mom's car will need a new cooling system, my dad's car will need a new cooling system, and my brother's car will need a new cooling system. If I told them all what you said, they'd laugh at me and call me ridiculous.
Agreed. Cooling systems definitely should to be changed at 90-150K, especially because E46's and such are some of the hardest driven cars out there. If you drive like a standard nanny in her Previa, then I'm pretty sure the cooling system AND the water pump will alst the lifetime of the car.

Originally Posted by MercForHire View Post
Spends $2000 on car DVD + stereo -> Running 25000 mile oil changes and 87 gas with blown shocks

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