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wow so my Thursday night just ended prematurely so to speak. Went on a date with a girl I met 2 weeks ago, this was our third night going out. Anyways, wasn't feeling too good all day, and probably should of called off the night but manned up and picked her up. Anyways, she made a joke and i laughed a bit and liquid poo came out unintentionally. I quickly told her that i had to make an important call to my dad and stepped aside to the washroom, i could feel the poo dripping down my leg on the way over. Anyways i locked myself in the stall and txted my buddy to see if he can come over to the restaurant and drop off a pair of his boxers for me to use, he said to Eff off thinking i was kidding. Then called my brother to help me but he didn't pick up. So I took off my boxers but unfortunately there was poo on my jeans and it smelled pretty bad so I snuck out the back door, turned off my phone and booked it home. Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day when i turn my phone back on lol...i think ill masterbate to a picture of her in a bit and report back, not the way i pictured the night ending but atleast ill still be able to cum on her face.
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