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Only things I could find in relation to this..


No causes other than what the DIS says on various posts..

The VANOS faults can be caused by an insufficient oil pressure supply to the inlet VANOS adjustment unit. To effectively move the camshafts to the target positions in the specified time and under all engine conditions, sufficient oil pressure supply to the VANOS control pistons must always be available. When the engine operation requires that the VANOS quickly advance or retard the intake or exhaust camshaft, fault 2A82 or 2A87 may be set if the camshaft is “late”, or does not reach the target position. In this situation, engine power may be reduced and a check control message is displayed. The consequential fault 3100 can also be set in the DME fault memory as well.


Perform all applicable test plans for the faults stored. A mechanical restriction or electrical failure of the VANOS solenoid and/or the electrical circuit can cause insufficient oil supply to the VANOS assemblies as well. If the results of the test plans are inconclusive then proceed to step 2.

The oil filter cap insert may have been inadvertently removed during the vehicle’s last oil service. If this insert is not installed, it will result in non-filtered engine oil being supplied to the engine, thus possibly clogging or damaging the VANOS solenoids.

Replace both VANOS solenoids and change the engine oil and filter. Drive the vehicle to verify effectiveness. If this repair is inconclusive and the fault returns, continue to step 4.

If the oil filter cap is found intact, it is possible that the camshaft hook ring seals (3) have worn a groove into the camshaft bearing ledge (1), causing a drop in oil supply to the VANOS unit.

Camshaft bearing ledge

Intake camshaft

Hook ring seals

Note the deep grooves worn into the intake camshaft bearing ledge by the camshaft hook ring seals.

Acceptable camshaft bearing ledge – minor wear marks from the rotation of the camshaft are normal.

If the oil filter cap insert is found to be missing, then the entire oil filter housing cap must be replaced (refer to the EPC). If excessive wear to the camshaft bearing ledge is found, it is only necessary to replace the camshaft hook ring seals and the affected camshaft bearing ledge.
I figure, perhaps if I did replace the camshaft and the camshaft bearing ledge, everything might end up okay. I still think I should take it in though, does anyone know of anyone reasonable in the LA / Orange County area to take it in to?

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