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Yea well when i got my clutch replaced i had the shop scan my car cuz my eml then dsc liggts would come on. They said it was my throttle potentiometers. Both of them, which need calibration after install. They said they would do everything for 250. Not bad cuz the sensors r 102 each. So i've been babying the car til i get it done. Then yesterday when i was on i9, i pushed it a little to merge.into traffic and ding, the eml light and ses light came on. When i got off of i95 the dsc light came on too. Restarted car and only the ses remains. I gotta get them fixed. Havent even been able to enjoy my new clutch. But its ok cuz i gotta break it in. Tryin to space.out repairs cuz my wife isnt happy cuz we just dropped 1750 for the clutch. Gotta get this fixed soon though cuz i have emissons test in 3 weeks rhey wont test me if my ses light is on this sux. And i still meed my oul change lol
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