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Originally Posted by cbritton View Post
I have a slow coolant leak but don't know exactly where its coming from.
There is no visible leak looking from the top of the motor. I snapped this picture from the bottom of the engine bay.

There is coolant dripping down where the arrows are located in the picture and it collects down below where I drew the square.

What is the part connected to the drive belt directly below the water pump? As far is I can tell from the Bentley manual it is not a part of the cooling system. Perhaps coolant is leaking from the water pump which is directly located above.

Any thoughts?
The pulley directly below the water pump is the crankshaft pulley. How many miles are on the car? Is your car a manual or automatic (can't see your fan in the picture)? The bearing in the water pump can wear out over time and coolant can leak out around the pump shaft. I would imagine this is more likely to happen sooner on cars with the engine driven fan, as there is extra weight being supported by the water pump shaft. If you're at or over 100k miles and the water pump hasn't been replaced, you are likely due for a cooling system overhaul. You could probably get away with only replacing the water pump, but if possible I would suggest replacing all of the components dauble mentioned.

Originally Posted by Stinger9 View Post
With any car experience, should take a couple of hours. Unless you have an auto and aren't skilled getting your fan out.
For someone that's done it before yes, a couple of hours is about right. For a first timer, it's going to take them longer depending on how mechanically inclined they are and if they have help.

EDIT: missed the part where you mentioned mileage.. my bad. Sooo yeah, I think it's time to get in there and do it again.

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