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Originally Posted by Zell View Post
Looks gorgeous! Umnitza is the best bargain for M-Tech II. Can't even tell the rep from the real thing

Originally Posted by TallSkinnyMatt View Post
Exactly!! Bought my rear from umnitza and had perfect fitment! As long as you are patient and do the installation correctly, there are no issues with fitment.

Originally Posted by SK8URDEAD View Post
i purchashed a full MTech II kit from them over a year ago for a great price. beat everyone else's and got it painted the following week and mounted. No Complaints from myself but here are some pics to see my car with their kit.

(ewww nasty old rims...)

next thing on the list to order are M3 Mirrors and coils to finally lower my ride. but coils ill have to maybe search else where.
PS look at ma sig

We have the mirrors, still working on our suspensions.

Originally Posted by E46Moonlight View Post
I've had my ümnitza for over 3 years now. No problems what so ever! No fitment issues either. It's all in the installation do it right or take it to a good shop and it will fit like a glove.

Originally Posted by Redryan98 View Post
I'm jealous of you guys that got a good bumper. Guess I got one of those 'bad eggs' and have to send it back.

To be fair they did offer to ship me a new one to try but I can't wait another week and a half for it to arrive. My cars in the body shop now due to an accident and I'll have to settle for the oe bumper style
If you want, we can even work out a prepainted bumper for you now. So maybe you can even put on a 'cheap' bumper now to get the car on the road then install your own at a later date. We do everything we can to make people happy.
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