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Originally Posted by SHOoff11 View Post
Nope, mine just came with the boot and I have the style like RKiepper has. I guess I just threw $20 down the toilet.
No, you just have to push your boot down through the larger plastic panel that surrounds the shifter. Then you can remove your old boot from the plastic (it will probably peel right off), and then glue your new one in. I tried several glues before just using a hot glue gun to secure it. You have to do some trimming and cut a few notches into the new boot. Just use your original boot as a template. Then, just press the whole thing back in to the bottom of the plastic piece. This will make more sense once you remove it.
The hardest part will be removing your shift knob. You just have to pull straight up on it. Don't twist it while you are pulling. It will seem like you are breaking it, and you will swear that there is a screw or something holding it in, but there is not. Be very careful to pull up on it with your head out of the way. I got mine out the first time, without whacking my head, but I ended up putting my new knob in before I put the boot on, so I had to remove it again. That is when I managed to whack myself right in the forehead. It does not release slowly, it breaks loose all at once. If it is the original knob, it will be hard as Hell to remove the first time. I almost gave up, but it finally came out with one last massive pull. You have to straddle the shifter, while sitting on your console. So, watch out for any other parts that may get in the way as well. If you have a sunroof, you can open it, so you can stand over it to get more leverage. If you do that, you may want to wear a cup, or risk damage to other parts.
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