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Originally Posted by GSherbs View Post
I'm thinking the bearing failures were due to some foreign material getting into the head when the VCG job was done.

An brief intermittent oil pressure issue probably wouldn't result in the amount of damage that you have. More likely, the disintegration of the bearings lead to the intermittent oil pressure problem. Bearing #3may have lead to the failure of #4 or both may have been subject to some foreign material.

Whether the problems are independent or related, you still need to do your due diligence and investigate every bit of the engine that you can for additional damage. Drop the pan as others have said - you have to take a look. You may also want to do compression & leak down tests to determine the health of your cylinders & valves - those metal flakes seen in your pictures are very disturbing - who knows what bits have traveled where in the engine at this point.

Also check the entire oiling system. Look for debris in the pan, the oil filter, everywhere!

You have a lot of investigation to do before you even consider what direction to go in.
Thanks much for your input, I really appreciate it, now I just have to decide if I should go to a shop or just drop the oil pan myself and further inspect it. I mean, would an indy shop look further into it than I can do myself?

So far on the inspection list:

-Check intake cams
-Compression test
-Check oilpan for foreign objects

Originally Posted by TitaniumCranium View Post
That was pretty isolated to only effect that one bearing the way it did. It looks like something got clogged in the oil feed to that bearing, not the return. With that bearing spun and getting as hot as it did probably accounts for the loose nuts. The metal looks like it got so hot it's tempered.

+1 on dropping the pan. Something blocked that oil supply, more of it may be in the bottom of the pan. As said there may be more damage on the bottom end too.
I agree on that accounting for the loose nuts, simply makes sense, and it's definitely tempered, not to mention, charred.

Again, thanks for reading this whole mess, I really do appreciate your input.

Thanks to all e46fanatics and other BMW forum users, without the community, our wallets would be more empty than they already are.
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